Ypsilon believes in maximizing the software development deliveries while at the same time cutting costs and managing risk and conformity. Ypsilon begins the delivery process to install the software application in the client’s system once the implementation of the software is successful.

At Ypsilon, we deliver the software development projects either onsite or offsite;

  Onsite Delivery
Ypsilon uses onsite delivery for its many offshore clients. We have a proven track record of providing effective onsite delivery even when it requires the physical presence of the service provider to directly install the software in the client’s computer.

Offsite Delivery
In offsite delivery, we install the software applications of the clients on their systems online. Ypsilon provides online delivery of software solutions to its clients by providing software applications for better productivity and efficiency after assessing their requirement through online interactive web discussion.

According to reports, around 50% of the software development projects are either delivered over budget or fail to meet business objectives while a whopping 90% of them are not delivered on time. However, Ypsilon understands your entire business needs and look out for ways to deliver you the solutions in the shortest possible time.

Ypsilon uses novel ideas and out of the box thinking to provide unique on-site as well as offshore software delivery methods that would deliver you the goods from day one.