The Webster’s Universal Dictionary meaning of “ Outsourcing ” is:

“A company or person that provides information; to find a supplier or service, to identify a source”. In layman terms, Outsourcing refers to the transfer of ownership of a business process by an organization to the supplier of that particular process. The clients tell the provider what they want and how they want the work performed. Here the client authorizes the provider not only to own and operate, but also redesign underlying processes, to reap even greater cost and efficiency benefits. The important aspect of outsourcing is that the end is what the buyer is interested in, and not the means.

IT outsourcing, in particular, refers to offering your IT development, management or maintenance to another company that is competent in that arena. IT outsourcing might connote hiring someone or another company to operate your IT department. Such a partner should ideally have resources (people and infrastructure) that work closely with your staff to understand your unique business problems. The objective is to deliver, implement, and service unique IT solutions.

Software development is a highly technical job. To develop in-house requires time, skilled manpower, and expensive infrastructure (servers, programs and equipment, etc). IT outsourcing is a very cost effective alternative to software development in-house. IT outsourcing is a strategic move. Ypsilon guides you through the process of IT outsourcing & offshore development by sharing our resources, experience and expertise. Our objective is to deliver high-end effectual solutions and simultaneously safeguard your intellectual property, current software and new development specifications with very high levels of security. . It is perhaps the fastest emerging technical as well as strategic solutions for:


e Improving operating performance
e Obtaining expertise, skills and technologies that would not be available otherwise
e Reducing costs
e Improving management and control
e Minimizing risks and boosting opportunities and lots more.